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When it comes to colours, us Mancs will speak of two,
Forget about the rainbow, you’re either red or blue,
But mix these two together and a new colour will form,
One that’s perfect from the fridge, delicious hot or warm.

For in 1908, on Granby Row, a seller of herb and spice,
Manufactured a medicine that folk thought tasted nice,
Back then it was a supplement known simply as Vim Tonic,
But today it is a well-known brand; in fact it is iconic.

You’ll know exactly what I mean, if your smile’s ever been purple,
Or if fizzy, still, hot or cold, you’ve been known to shlurple,
Purple Ronnie was a fan and ‘Dad’s pants’ was a hoot,
With raspberry, grape and blackcurrant, it’s seriously mixed up fruit.

Its reach today is far and wide; they make it in Yemen,
They say it’s Arabs’ favoured drink during Ramadan,
In Granby Row a monument stands proudly there to thank,
The place where Vimto was first made, here in sunny Manc.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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