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The pop-ups are popping up all over town,
Like seasonal treats to flatten our frown,
A viable business for just a few weeks,
Cashing in quickly as popularity peaks

Here today but long gone tomorrow,
No downturn in trade, no financial sorrow,
They spring up and clean up as the new thing in town,
Then only next month they’re ripping them down.

A symbol perhaps of a throwaway generation,
But there’s no time for boredom with this seasonal creation,
Because the pop-ups bring us what’s out of our reach,
Like granting Manchester a white, sandy beach.

Bringing deckchairs and buckets and spades to hand,
Offering Mancs the chance to sunbathe in the sand,
Bringing everything that’s coastal to Castlefield,
But leaving us sun burnt, red-faced and peeled.

So the seaside popped up without any sea,
And yacht clubs popped without boats admittedly,
Bowling and skating both popped up and went,
Whilst the pop-up cinema was just heaven sent.

The North Pole popped too but it wasn’t that cold,
And that 1930s tea room was far from old,
The Moose Bar had grizzlies but no moose turned up,
Whilst we loved pop-up menus and the grub they served up.

Because pop-ups bring us some escapism,
A break from the norm promoting hedonism,
So let’s ask for pop-ups dripping in cool,
Like a pop-up, city centre swimming pool.

Or a pop up space bar like on Tattooine,
With Star Wars characters from that very scene,
Or a pop-up racetrack based on Monaco,
Or a temporary roller blade music disco.

A Wimbledon pop-up so folks could compete,
Whilst pop-up archery would be pretty neat,
A pop-up bungee would be a win win,
Or a pop-up campsite with a festival thrown in.

Pop-up skydiving of the indoor sort,
Two pop-up pirate ships and the battle they fought,
Pop-up guns on a shooting range,
There’s so many pop-ups still to arrange.

But this is the pop-up I’d most like to see,
A pop-up so grand it would be legendry,
They’d talk about it from near and from far,
And they’d all have to see it, coz it’s so slightly bizarre.

Because even if it is horribly fake,
Let’s have a glorious pop-up lake,
Straight from Lake Como or Bellagio,
A great lake for bathing Mancunians to go.

With grassy shores to take in the shine,
And pool parties daily as folk drink and dine,
In trendy lakeside restaurants and bars,
As we all enjoy a life that’s not ours.

On boats and on yachts that are moored in the bay,
With bikini’s and speedos the attire of the day,
The ultimate pop-up but still a flat pack,
So let’s ask pop-up people could a pop-up do that?

Copyright©2012 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.