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Standing tall; way up high,
Mingling with the Mancunian sky,
Proudly striped in green and in white,
I like to dominate all in my sight.

Halfway up I’m shrouded in cloud,
I feel top heavy; I want to bend down,
My pregnant belly juts out from my bar,
And my flashing red lights are seen from afar,

My front is made higher with my proud metal crown,
But the breeze that blew through me made residents frown,
The buzzing, they said, was like aliens had come,
But it was only me singing; my whistle, my hum.

I can see for miles when the day is clear,
But it’s lonely for me as nothing comes near,
To matching my height, to look in my eye,
My only companion is day and night sky.

My friend City Tower lives a few streets away,
But he’s half my size and refuses to sway,
When gale force winds force me to dance,
And move with the breeze like I’ve ants in my pants.

Tall friends were promised but money was late,
The recession bit hard, skyscrapers must wait,
But one day I know I’ll be joined by some more,
Some buildings my height to lessen my bore.

I don’t care what they’re like in fittings and fixtures,
I just long for some friends to join me in pictures,
Hotels, apartments or offices too,
Just match me in height, stand tall like I do.

Even if one day I’m knocked off my throne,
I long for the day when I won’t stand alone,
Build me some friends to look in my eye,
And join me so proudly in Manchester’s sky.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin

All rights reserved.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin


All rights reserved.