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The highest point in Manchester and this might not seem real,
Isn’t high up top some skyscraper or on the Manchester wheel,
It isn’t on Old Trafford’s roof although that’d be a lark,
It’s positioned on a hilltop in good, old Heaton Park.

Because the earl of Wilton, from many moons gone by,
Built an observation tower somewhere way up high,
Somewhere to use the telescope he’d bought from London town,
A place to watch the planets and the stars all move around.

He built a small rotunda room of columns to house his treat,
A tiny little domed-roof house with built-in fire for some heat,
A little lantern on its roof made sure the light was ample,
Delighted with his hilltop house he called it simply The Temple.

Children find it magical, a tiny round house on the hill,
Artists like to paint there to accentuate their skill,
It’s higher than City Tower, the Arndale and Hilton too,
So if you ever need the higher ground you know just what to do.

The city dances on the horizon in a blurry, summer haze,
Providing the perfect backdrop to think how to change your ways,
An ideal place for being thoughtful, so if you need to be reflective,
And use the highest point in Manchester to think and gain perspective.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin

All rights reserved.

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