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He convinced the world to sing along in pure Mancunian,
Putting Manchester on the map as much as anyone,
A working class Manc hero, focussed on his goals,
Manc accent and Manc attitude, it’s the way he rock n rolls.

His words stir pure emotion, his rifts and melodies rule,
No matter what he’s doing he epitomises cool,
He’s the very personification of everything that’s Manc,
A musical inspiration, for his Manc soul we should thank.

He gave us Morning Glory and packed out Wem-ber-ley,
He told us we should Talk Tonight, I thought Definitely Maybe,
His songs would Live Forever; they loved ‘em Round Our Way,
And Like a Force of Nature he’d Never Fade Away.

Known All Around The World, and Half the World Away,
He Rolled With It not caring whatever Some Might Say,
Right from the beginning he had a Masterplan,
And now he’s in his forties, It’s Getting Better Man.

He never looked Back in Anger, even Hung In A Bad Place,
From Wonderwall to Bag It Up, his tunes were f’@ckin’ ace,
He Put his Money Where his Mouth Is and sang about hisMagic Pie
And now that he”s gone solo, his birds are flying high.

Noel Gallagher is a genius; in fact he is a God,
And every time I hear him speak, agreement makes me nod,
Unless he’s talking football and then he’s just a blue,
And excels in speaking nonsense, like all those berties do.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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