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When is it permissible, when is it allowed?
To take her up the Hilton, I want to do her proud,
But could it be too much too soon, I don’t wanna peak
What if she really likes it and demands it every week,

I’ll have to try and work out a way to get her in position,
Coz taking her up the Hilton is a tricky proposition,
I know that if we do it she would scream inwardly with delight,
But if she’s never been up there before it might give her a fright.

She might take it for granted or think that I’m too flash,
When is it appropriate; I don’t want to be brash,
Maybe she will love it but still it is too soon,
I should take her up the Hilton one special afternoon.

Coz taking a girl up the Hilton, requires a lot of thought,
Especially when officially we haven’t started to court,
I know deep down they all like it, they just don’t like to say,
But get the timing wrong and there’s a consequence to pay.

It’s a thing established couples do, too much for a first date,
She’ll think I do it with every girl and her like could turn to hate,
It’s something you build up to; get to know each other first,
Up the Hilton with a stranger could end up being the worst.

I don’t want her to think that I have become obsessed,
Or don’t want to do the normal things or that I am pest,
I’m not trying to impress her because it was good before,
I just know that she would love it and that’s my only flaw.

I’ll mention it in passing, after a few drinks,
Then look for a reaction, shock or seductive winks,
To try and gauge if it’s something she would be willing to do,
And if she doesn’t want to, I’ll say… I didn’t want to too.

It’s a gamble asking any girl, she might think less of me,
For trying too hard on our first date but I love Cloud 23,
I love the view and service and how the city lights all dance,
The champagne and the couple’s seats all add to the romance.

In fact that’s it my mind’s made up, we’re going in that lift,
And if it ends up nowhere or finishes in a rift,
Then nothing ventured nothing gained, for a while I will be skint,
But if we end up getting married I want our first date to be mint.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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