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Stand back in amazement; take pictures on your phones,
Coz you’re looking at our city’s most impressive set of bones,
Seventy million years in age, a tyrant lizard king,
A prehistoric relic, Stan’s our oldest ever thing.

Forty foot long, standing tall, showing off his teeth,
You’re either daft or over brave if you stand underneath,
Coz only one Tyrannosaurs is more complete than him,
But he has the most complete skull our world has ever seen.

One hundred and ninety nine bones, seventy per cent complete,
They even found fifty eight teeth with which he used to eat,
And if you stand face to face, alone, with our Dinosaur,
You can almost see him moving and can almost hear him roar.

You can almost see his eye balls move in his huge eye sockets,
Go on, I dare you, stare him out; you’ll be the one to stop it,
Coz it’s alright being cocky… millions of years after his death,
But you wouldn’t last a second if Stan took just another breath.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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