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If you’re a fan of spooky stories and spiritual shenanigans,
You’ll know that Manc’s most haunted is next floor up from Brannigans,
You’ll know the spirits on the optics aren’t the only ones in there,
Coz it’s haunted by the clergy men that used to meet upstairs.

The staff that used to work the bar said unseen hands would touch ‘em,
Whilst customers would complain that invisible things would push ‘em,
Down the stairs, knocking… their pint glasses to the floor,
So they sent in paranormal teams… in an effort to explore.

They said the lights flashed on and off even when the bar was packed,
They claimed glasses would float up, then to the floor they’d smash,
They said that there were cold spots and that gusts of wind would blast,
And claimed to hear the patter of tiny kids feet running past.

So they conducted a spooky séance to see what they could see,
And uncovered an evil spirit who called himself Godfrey,
They think that he did heinous things that no one could condone,
And found out that his spirit was anything but alone.

For upstairs above Brannigans there was a church for Methodists,
But something untoward took place; they think he killed two kids,
They say they haunt that boozer too, Philip and Elizabeth,
And have recordings of them crying, centuries after their sad death.

But more spirits are up there coz Godfrey wouldn’t repent,
So three clergy ghosts are said to guard him so they can prevent,
More wrong doing on his part…they won’t let him move on,
But they’re angered by our drinking and the drunken goings on.

So if this bar reopens and it gets to closing time,
And the bouncers say it’s time to go, never whinge or whine,
Don’t go down for one last wee in case you get locked in,
And get punished by the clergymen, for your drinking is their sin.

Copyright©2012 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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