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If you struggled with the Shambles, then this’ll really test yer,
Coz they moved The Shakespeare pub up here, all the way from Chester.
Way back in the twenties, they moved every pillar, every post,
And legend even has it that they even moved a ghost.

Because a teenage girl still haunts it, or at least they claim,
That she appears on the staircase all alight and all in flames,
They say she’d ignite the candles that would fill the bar with light,
But dropped one on her floaty dress and set herself alight.

But if you think this ain’t true, there’s another side to hear,
The chef, they say, had his wicked way and forced himself on her,
To cover up his evil crime he set the girl alight,
But she came back again to haunt him, burning oh so bright.

He couldn’t cope with seeing her, so he hung himself in there,
A beam still has the rope marks from where he kicked the chair,
Haunted for his heinous crime with only one thing left to do,
Hang himself and join her… haunting The Shakespeare too.

Copyright©2012 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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