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We’ve never been a city to stand back, give up or groan,
We’ve never needed vigils or a soapbox on which to moan,

If things ain’t right we’ll fix it, no matter what they say,
Job’s a good un, sorted, safe, is the Mancunian Way,

Maybe you don’t believe me, and think that I am blagger,
But throughout our Manc history we’ve demonstrated this swagger,

I don’t just mean the attitude, I woun’t form it on that basis,
I don’t just mean the walk ‘n’ talk of Stone Roses or Oasis,

I don’t just mean this feeling that Greater Manc is the best,
Coz everybody loves their town if you put that to the test,

But there’s certain times in history that really do define,
The people of this fine city that I class as mine,

It’s written in the history books, way back two centuries when,
Our cotton trade was suffering until we made ‘em think again,

We’d blossomed as producers but could never be a port,
The seaside was too far away was the common thought,

Until one Manc said hang on lads, I’m nobody’s fool,
We’ll bring the coast to Manchester and cut out Liverpool,

You can’t do that, it’s not allowed, derision from Scouse lips,
But Manc defiance found a way and built a canal for those ships,

With a little innovation they got what they had planned,
Little land-locked Manchester; third busiest port in the land,

So yeah there’s still an attitude and our young ‘uns might walk daft,
But behind our swagger is creation and honest, hard, Manc graft,

Coz through the annals of history, Manc’s just wouldn’t be thwarted,
And that’s the real Mancunian way, top one, nice one, get sorted.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin

All rights reserved.

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