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Madchester rocked my nineties but where did it all begin?
Most people say the Free Trade Hall with just forty people in,
But in that crowd of Pistol’s fans, a new wave of stars was born,
And from that night in seventy six, so many bands were spawned.

The first in many critics’ eyes, the reason Manchester rocks,
Was the debut of a Bolton band the legendary Buzzcocks,
Blending punk with indie rock, a new age style came out,
And Ever Fallen in Love made them post punks jump about.

Next came the music of the Fall fuelling more revision,
Then a sound to dominate Mancunia came from Joy Division,
A new Transmission caused Disorder, Love Will Tear Us Apart,
But it was tragedy that struck them hard and a New Order would start.

Simply Red, a soul/jazz band were at the Free Trade Hall,
Twenty five years of music, 50 million albums sold in all,
Their music Holding Back the Years, once Something Got Them Started,
With Stars and Ain’t That A Lot of Love, Mick left girls broken hearted.

The Smiths were influential with a most alternative of sound,
With Charming Man and Panic, they were musically crowned,
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One and Girlfriend in a Coma,
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, with Morrissey as their crooner.

Blue Monday brought electronic in, a sound before its time,
And suddenly synth bass lines and kick drums weren’t a crime,
Then came something different to blow club land away,
A Guy Called Gerald rocked the Hac with a tune called Voodoo Ray.

The Acid House Revival took hold in eighty eight,
When Chicago and Detroit house made illegal raves vibrate,
Italian Old School Piano boomed from Ride on Time,
So many movements happening, it really blew your mind.

House made its way to Manchester; a drum machine made beats great,
Blending acid house with melodies re- mastered by 8-0-8 State,
Pacific State and Cubic were really In Yer face,
And Manchester’s new music splintered at awe inspiring pace,

Madchester spawned a brand new sound; a psychedelic rock,
As indie merged with Acid house another beat would drop,
Stone Roses led the indie route, they knew This is The One,
Fools Gold, One Love, would Be Adored with Sally Cinnamon.

Northside tripped down memory lane and told us to Take Five,
The Inspirals knew This is How it Feels… when Two Worlds Collide,
Standing proud in Sackville, their T-shirts cool as f@ck,
Hallelujah for the Mondays who warbled Wrote For luck.

Shaun Ryder looked to Step On, The Boys were back in Town
As James told us to all Come Home and collectively Sit Down,
The Charlatans weren’t The Only One I Know from way back when,
Tim Burgess in his White Shirt singing Opportunity and Then.

Manchester covered every sound; N-Trance would set us free,
How could we love M People more? Moving on Up on Angel Street,
One Night in Heaven, probably more, Pickering knew just what to do,
Sub Sub rocked the Hac once more, Angel’s miles and miles of you.

Nothing stayed still, the Roses split but Brown didn’t get the Fear,
He had Unfinished Monkey Business that’d rock both far and near,
The Dolphins were the Monkeys, they’d join him on his Star,
He even borrowed Mani to play on bass guitar.

The Mock Turtles Could Dig it? The Doves they had their Words,
Evolving from Sub Sub’s house to the most peaceful indie birds,
Morrissey’s genius went solo, Ryder formed Black Grapes,
But still Manchester rocked the charts and still produced some greats.

The techno edge of brothers Chemical would very soon emerge,
Big beat psychedelia was the sound those Uni boys would purge.
They Galvanized electric sound with their famed Block Rocking Beat,
Hey Girl, Hey Boy, Out of Control moving clubbers’ feet.

But soon it was some other siblings successful turn to shiiiiine,
As Noel and Liam Gallagher made the stadium stage their shrine,
Their sound would Live Forever, they really had it all,
They Rolled With it, The ShakerMaker’s on their WonderWall.

With Cigarettes and Alcohol, they had a Masterplan,
Half a World Away and back again but always being Manc,
Never caring what Some Might Say just Feeling SuperSonic,
Long outlasting Madchester, the Gallagher’s were right on it.

We even had a boy band, one to Rule The World,
Singing songs like Pray and Babe, It Only Takes a Minute Girl,
One day they would be Back for Good, so we’d Never Forget,
How Barlow’s Million Love Songs made a million more girls (s)we(a)t.

Elbow brought a chilled out sound, they loved The Bones of You,
But they’d settle for One Day Like This as long as its Powder Blue,
The Starlings and The Birds would also bring them hope,
That they’d achieve their High Ideals and get An Audience With The Pope.

The Courteeners Falcon rose and rose, they crossed their heart and hoped to fly,
But they weren’t Nineteen Forever so chilled out with a Lullaby,
What Took You So Long brought lots of rock, That Kiss brought all the roll,
Cavorting, Aftershow, Will It be?… You Overdid it Doll.

Now if we push the boundaries… and I think we’ve got the nerve,
We can include Lisa Stansfield and Richard Ashcroft’s Verve,
Then stretching back to Bolton we’ve got Badly Drawn Boy,
Whilst Stretford-born Jay Kay became Jamiroquai.

The last few years were quieter; the conveyor belt slowed down,
But nice one Greater Manchester, so many bands and sounds,
Innovation’s in Man-chester genes, in that we should take solace,
So over to The Slow Readers Club, Mount Fabric and Optional Wallace.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.