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Have you heard what the son did, what about the daughter?
She’s a proper little chatter box, can’t even hold her water,
They split up; he cheated, and then got back together,
Then he ran off with the vicar’s son, you’re kidding, well I never.

This stays strictly between us so keep it under your hat,
But I really had to ask her, is there any truth in that?
I honestly shouldn’t tell you this; it’s not like me to blab,
But you know she likes to gossip and can’t control her trap.

I hear that’s not the only thing that THAT one cannot close,
Another young un on the way, that’ll keep her on her toes,
Keep her off her back more like; she lived with three blokes just last year,
She couldn’t, well she shouldn’t, but I wouldn’t put it past her.

So HE said, then SHE said, well what the Jeff do I know?
Honestly don’t trust that one; she’s a gossiping little so and so,
Did he really? He can’t have, you’re joking, fancy that,
I’m glad we get to meet like this and have our chitter chat.

I’m really glad we get to push our visionary intelligence to one side,
For half an hour every day, because I really couldn’t abide,
If we didn’t get to chat like this and put the world to rights,
I’m not so sure our intelligence would hit such dizzy heights.

But always speak in hushed tones because our secrets mustn’t shatter,
The public mustn’t ever hear us and our endless nitter natter,
Shush don’t speak so loudly, one of them’s coming over,
So close your mouth, stare straight ahead and give them the cold shoulder.

Copyright©2012 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.