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So many things happened here in the industrial revolution,
But one of the lesser known facts, is a quirk in evolution,
Because something was born in Manchester to raise a global query,
Pitching Devine intervention against evolutionary theory.
Coz the conditions here in smoggy Manc when we made our cloth,
Saw a ‘survival of the fittest’ with the once white, peppered moth,
The soot-filled, dank conditions saw it change its colourings,
And a black version of the moth evolved with camouflage on its wings.
At first they thought this change was due to the moth not being clean,
A survival of the dirtiest but no, the change was in its genes,
The peppered moths stood out from the soot and so were eaten first,
The black ones became survivors with its colourings immersed.
They say this evolution took less than fifty years,
And led to bitter fallouts between evolutionists and their peers,
Just fifty years after this with the Clean Air laws now passed,
Darwin’s evolution struck again and the black moth wouldn’t last.
You see it stood out far too much on a lichen-covered tree,
Like a dark but visual beacon saying come and eat your tea,
It somehow changed its wings again, to stop this predatory attraction,
So there it is in black and white, Manchester’s evolution in action.

Copyright©2012 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved

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