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Look up and not down when you walk around town,
And see winged and beaked griffins snarling down,

See Neptune on King Street with trident held high,
And a globe carrying Atlas stifling a sigh,

See proud lions guarding and gargoyles that spit,
Eagles with wings spread, Greek goddesses who sit,

See walkways of umbrellas to keep Dalton dry,
And proud Manuncinan crests positioned up high,

See chubby cherubs holding mirrors and shields,
And knights guarding Cooper Street refusing to yield,

See serpents that slither and goats heads that abound,
See how many bees you can see buzzing round town?

See Roman warlords and industrialists,
See royalty, inventors and Manc scientists,

All of them cling to buildings round town,
It’s only you that don’t see ’em with your eyes fixed to the ground,

A city stands above you; an architectural treat,
So glance up at your buildings and not down at your feet.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.

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