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It always makes me hungry; it kicks out many smells,
There isn’t one Far Eastern dish that this place doesn’t sell,
Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Nepalese, Korean too,
Japanese, Cantonese, Pekingese, all served up for you.

Noodles by the bucket load, sushi on conveyor belts,
But mark my words you won’t be leaving feeling thin and svelte,
Sweet ‘n’ sour, OK sauce, spare ribs and crispy duck,
But there’s more than food to China Town if you wanna take a look.

Coz this ethnic enclave’s been delivered straight from the Orient,
Second biggest China Town in England, third on our continent,
Dragons decorate its archway, made by craftsman from Peking,
And it boasts everything Far Eastern you could possibly be seeking

Like oriental gift shops with cats nodding constantly,
And Chinese lucky hanging charms bringing prosperity,
Lucky dragons, Chinese fans… lanterns and parasols,
Golden Buddha’s, Lucky pigs and matching couple dolls.

Three legged frogs and wind chimes or even a flying horse,
Bamboo flutes and long life turtles for Feng Shui of course,
Chinese Sci-Fi gift shops, popular culture like never before,
Sweet bakery concoctions that are bound to make you phwoar.

An explosion of karaoke bars if you want to sing-along,
And special little pharmacies that’ll make your love last long,
Over spilling Oriental markets… with live lobsters in,
With many different food types that I bet you’ve never seen.

So many cultural novelties for passers-by to see,
Like lovely Chinese pensioners… practising Tai Chi,
They stretch on the pavilion by the side of the archway,
Not giving a Feng Shui what passing folk might say.

Mobile phones shops, computer stores, art shops and not forgetting,
That the Chinese have a penchant for every type of betting,
Like on football and the horses and if you’re feeling plucky,
There’s casinos brimming over with Chinese called Mister Lucky.

A Thai massage? A professional one where they don’t roll you over,
But there’s naughty parlours round here too, if that’s the thing you go for,
It bustles just like Hong Kong’s streets; so much is going down,
It really is the embodiment of China in our town.

But here’s a word of warning, I’ve just one more thing to say,
Please recognise your limits at the help-yourself buffet,
Coz even though it says that you can eat all that you can,
The all-day Chinese Buffett has beaten many a big man.

The food is so delicious and no-one holds you back,
But folk can only blame themselves if it’s self-control they lack,
Because over loading your digestion can temporally disable,
Leaving folk asleep in restaurants with their heads slumped on the table.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.