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Those lightly chequered Farah’s; they really have to go,
The seventies are long gone; it’s clearly time to show,

An eye for building fashion; a new age, dynamic streak,
And an Arndale tower for Manchester that matches Market Street,

For nestling quite obscurely in the modern Manchester sky,
Stands an architectural relic from an era that’s gone by,

When curly roofs kept us dry outside M&S,
And smoke-filled bus stations wreaked havoc with our chest,

When shady underground jean stalls were the place to shop,
And huge sloping ramps on Cannon Street led to car parks up on top,

When cars could motor freely… right up Market Street,
They even had a go back then that the Arndale din’t look neat,

So why can’t the Arndale tower blend in, in silver or in grey?
Can someone take those Farah’s off and please throw them away?

It looks like the investment …was ready for a while,
Market Street’s resplendent with its aesthetic grey retile,

The Food Court and indoor market they got the facelift too,
It’s just with Arndale tower they didn’t quite know what to do,

Of course it should stay standing, it’s part of our city scene,
Just finish off the tiling work, the whole city is keen,

To see a better tower, I know that times are tough,
But our Arndale’s dated collar should at least match with its cuff.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved