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What fills your mind… when you stroll… down John Dalton street?
Tucking into a grill on the alley, or sipping a cocktail treat?
Sharing a burger with Byron or a search for a panacea?
A rush to get with the cool kids so everyone can see yer?

Nails done, brand new shoes, just stepped out of the salon,
But the biggest worry in your world is what clothes your girls have put on,
Friday’s here, that’s all that counts, you wouldn’t think to make the query,
So I guess you’d never link this street with owt called Atomic Theory.

You’ll never know who Dalton is; it just wouldn’t cross your mind,
To find out what this street’s about, you just haven’t got the time,
Not aware of things around you as you stand and smoke your fag,
He saw the make-up of the world; you just see the make-up in your bag.

You know absolutely everything about whose doing what to who,
But our street names remain a mystery; you just haven’t got a clue,
Outstanding people, amazing feats, we’ll walk on them forever after,
But still you never seem to wonder who your city streets are named after.

It just wouldn’t cross your mind but then I guess that we’re all guilty,
Of being engrossed in busy lives but to me there lies a travesty,
Because there’s nothing wrong with knowing why things are the way they are,
Or recognising past glories and the folk that raised the bar.

But hey we are all different, if we weren’t it would be boring,
I just wish for just one second you’d let your head go off exploring.
To find out who Dalton is, Whitworth, Mosely, Byrom too,
Or to wonder what Minishull and Aytoun Streets are devoted to?

Have you never wondered why Balloon Street has its unusual name?
Artillery Street or Fountain Street, you should find out just the same,
There’s stories hidden everywhere, about folk better than me and you,
I know history don’t sound cool and it’s not what we usually do.

But these people will live forever, they left their mark many moons ago,
Whilst me and you will just disappear… when it’s our time to go,
I’m sorry for my nagging; I see this chat ain’t got you smitten,
But it’s sad that when I say Atomic… you think of Atomic Kitten.

There’s so much important history, on the streets that we stroll down,
Yet you never think to find out and that really makes me frown,
But life’s for living have some fun, so please try to ignore me,
I just wish you’d see beyond…your next pornstar martini.

Copyright©2011 by Phil Martin
All rights reserved.


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